Ukraine Emergency

Ukraine Emergency
A JRS volunteer with refugees at the border between Ukraine and Romania. (Marco Giarracca/Jesuit Refugee Service)

Since the beginning of the conflict, millions of people have been forced to flee their homes in Ukraine and seek safety in neighbouring countries.

JRS and the Society of Jesus are mobilising resources and providing immediate support to displaced people in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries. Please, consider a donation to help us support refugees from Ukraine in this time of need.



How is JRS responding?

    • In Ukraine, Jesuits are hosting people in the Jesuit refugee house in Lviv. They are offering accommodation, food, and the chance to rest from the journey to families travelling forward.
    • In Romania, JRS is supporting people arriving at reception centres along the border. Our teams are providing accommodation and vouchers, as well as educational opportunities for children and psychosocial support.
    • In Poland, JRS is providing basic supplies, and organising legal, administrative, and psychological support.
    • In Hungary, JRS is providing food and medicines, as well as organising longer-term accommodation support.
    • JRS offices in South-east Europe are also organising to welcome and accomodate people fleeing Ukraine.
    • JRS is monitoring the response of the European Union and advocating for fair welcome and protection of all people fleeing Ukraine.
I make a heartfelt appeal for humanitarian corridors to be genuinely secured, and for aid to be guaranteed and access facilitated to the besieged areas, in order to offer vital relief to our brothers and sisters oppressed by bombs and fear.
Pope Francis


Ukraine Crisis