Christian group: recommendations for an EU welcome to refugees from Ukraine

23 March 2022

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JRS recommendations to welcome refugees from Ukraine
Refugees from Ukraine crossing the border into Romania at Isaccea. (Marco Giarracca/ Jesuit Refugee Service)
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JRS Europe, together with other eight Christian organisations working on asylum and migration issues at the European level, welcomes the broad support shown by the European Union, its Member States and European citizens to the refugees from Ukraine. We also formulate recommendations to ensure a swift application of the Temporary Protection Directive and that refugees will be able to access their rights.

In particular we call on the EU and state authorities to:

  • Ensure that all persons in need of protection leaving Ukraine are allowed to avail themselves of protection – irrespective of their origin, colour of skin, gender, orientation, ability, or residence status.
  • Apply the temporary protection directive broadly, generously and in a harmonized way throughout the EU;
  • Act in solidarity with countries neighbouring to Ukraine, facilitating and supporting the movement of refugees throughout the EU and organizing relocation when needed;
  • Supporting volunteer welcoming and private housing initiatives, while encouraging minimum standard setting, safeguarding and timely state provision of information on accessing rights and legal status and transition to permanent housing;
  • While acknowledging the difficulty of ensuring reliable media coverage at the border of Ukraine, the European Union Institutions should ensure that alleged discrimination against people of colour or minority groups such as Roma when trying to enter the EU is investigated and addressed;
  • Pay special attention to the needs of the most vulnerable, in particular (unaccompanied) children, women, victims of trauma as well as victims of human trafficking, setting up robust dedicated support systems.
  • Ensure that protection to other groups of refugees and asylum seekers is maintained by not neglecting, discriminating against, or diverting resources from them.

Read here the full set of recommendations.