02 Aug, 2022

Having fled their country and become refugees, Afghans share their experiences of displacement and their struggles in rebuilding their lives.

afghans in displacement - drawing by silvia kaepelli
02 Aug, 2022

Join us in prayer for the people of Afghanistan, may they heal, learn, and determine their own future- wherever they are.

prayer for afghanistan - credits to silvia kaepelli
25 Jul, 2022

Forced displacement is often a protracted phenomenon, whereby people spend years or even decades far from home. We must not forget them.

Protracted displacement in South Sudan
19 Jul, 2022

Like thousands of others, Dunia and her children had no choice but to flee violence in Tigray and seek safety elsewhere.

22 Jun, 2022

In 2021, amidst new and existing humanitarian crises and through a global pandemic, JRS provided 999,518 people in 57 countries with the means to thrive. JRS’s 2021 Annual Report reminds us that when united as one, an ever wider ‘we’ is always possible.

The cover photo of the 2021 AnnuaL Report show children from the JRS Arrupe Kindergarten test the turf of the new JRS Loyola Sports Ground, in Sharya, northern Iraq.
13 Jun, 2022

Situations of displacement are too often forgotten, refugee voices silenced. We must not forget our forcibly displaced brothers and sisters.

Venezuelan refugees at Colombian border (Photo: George Castellanos / Jesuit Refugee Service)
13 Jun, 2022

On World Refugee Day – and everyday – we offer a prayer for our forcibly displaced brothers and sisters, too often forgotten.

Ajah and her grandchildren in Maban, South Sudan. On World Refugee Day, we offer a prayer for our forgotten forcibly displaced brothers and sisters.
23 May, 2022

Watch the video testimonies from Ukrainian refugee and displaced women and the people who are supporting them.

A family hosted in JRS safe space for women and children in Lviv, Ukraine. (Photo: Sergi Camara)
04 May, 2022

In Douala, Cameroon, JRS is fostering IDP women’s social inclusion by offering accommodation and training to the most vulnerable.

Doula, Cameroon. JRS is fostering the social inclusion of internally displaced women by offering accomodation and training