One Shared Humanity

As global challenges increase, so does the urgency to overcome fear, reject harmful attitudes, and foster openness, understanding, and connections. Let’s go beyond divisive labels and recognize our shared humanity.

Read our Manifesto and help us spread the message.

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Girls playing together

Peace Artisans

Increasing global challenges and instability are weakening efforts toward achieving peace. Like artisans, we can craft a peaceful future by taking concrete actions that draw us closer to each other. 

We invite you to be a Peace Artisan and to inspire others to do the same.  

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Forgotten Displacement

When an emergency breaks out, forcibly displaced people find themselves at the centre of international debates.  Sadly, media and public attention do not last long. ​Soon the stories of forcibly displaced people are neglected, their voices silenced.

There are many displacement situations that are overlooked and forgotten. These crisis affect people that have lives and stories like everyone else.

We must not forget them.

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Make Room For Her

When forced to leave their homes, women and girls are particularly vulnerable to unique risks, and often have very limited opportunities to prosper. With a safe space to heal, learn, and unlock their potential, they can rediscover hope and rebuild a sustainable life for themselves and their families.

Join us in calling for more opportunities for women and girls to heal, develop their talents, and improve their livelihood.

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Displaced girls participate to a workshop by JRS and Entreculturas

With My Own Two Hands

Refugees want nothing more than to be independent and self-reliant. Help us provide innovative livelihood opportunities so that refugees and forcibly displaced people can restore their dignity, fulfill their talents, and rebuild their future.

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Refugee self-reliance: After graduating from JRS business class, Jeannette was granted a small no-interest loan from JRS. She now runs her own business in Kampala, Uganda. (Denis Bosnic/JRS)

Supporting Education For Refugees

In 2015, JRS launched the Global Education Initiative, an ambitious international campaign to expand our education programmes to serve 250,000 refugees worldwide by 2020. Dr. Mireille Twayigira, JRS Refugee Education Advocate, worked with us to promote awareness about the reality of young students growing up in refugee camps.