Volunteer tutoring refugee children in mathematics and English at the FVDL Centre, Lebanon. (Jesuit Refugee Service)


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On 3 August 2014, Islamic State (ISIS) militants launched a genocide against the Yazidi community in Sinjar, northern Iraq, which led to the death and disappearance of thousands. To mark the fifth anniversary of the genocide, JRS is sharing the stories of the survivors so that their voices may be heard.

Do not forget them.

Join us in standing with the Yazidi people and sharing their stories.

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Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are often the forgotten citizens of their own countries. We serve and accompany IDPs through our programmes, and advocate at different levels for national laws and policies that protect displaced people’s rights and promotes durable solutions.


We support and foster the three-year multi-stakeholder Plan of Action to Advance Prevention, Protection and Solutions for IDPs.

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Market at an IDPs camp in Masisi, North Kivu, DRC. (Sergi Camara / Entreculturas)


When forced to leave their homes, women and girls are particularly vulnerable to unique risks, and often have very limited opportunities to prosper. With a safe space to heal, learn, and unlock their potential, they can rediscover hope and rebuild a sustainable life for themselves and their families.

Join us in calling for more opportunities for women and girls to heal, develop their talents, and improve their livelihood.

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Girls walk to school in the Kaya Refugee Camp in Maban County, South Sudan.


JRS launched the Global Education Initiative, an ambitious international campaign to expand our education programmes to serve 250,000 refugees worldwide by 2020. Dr. Mireille Twayigira, JRS Refugee Education Advocate, is working with us to promote awareness about the reality of young students growing up in refugee camps.

Mireille is a former refugee herself, now a practising medical doctor. Her story shows the power education can have in a refugee’s life.