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Our Partners

Together we can do more

The current refugee situation is one of the biggest humanitarian challenges of our time. Only by joining forces can we offer enough seats in schools, support families to put food on the table, and help refugees, both individuals and communities, to recover from the stress and rupture experienced in conflict, flight, and exile. JRS relies on a broad range of partners — communities, local and international NGOs, corporations, foundations, institutional donors and public funders — to shape and support our programmes.

Religious Congregations 

The religious congregations that partner with JRS share our vision of a world where refugees attain protection, opportunity, and participation. We also share the same inspiration – the generous love and example of Jesus Christ – and collaborate closely in the mission to accompany, serve, and advocate the cause of refugees.

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Jesuit Network

JRS is a work of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) and is therefore integrated into the wider Jesuit network. This network includes Jesuit Provinces, Jesuit Mission and Development Offices, and other Jesuit entities globally. JRS receives significant support through this network in the form of personnel,  funding, advocacy for the rights of refugees, capacity building, and the start-up of new projects.

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For JRS, partnering with foundations means creating more impact with fewer resources. It helps to capitalise on one another’s strengths. Be it through technical expertise, financial support, or connecting us with new networks and partners, foundations play a crucial role in helping JRS to deliver quality services to refugees around the world.

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Other Organisations

JRS seeks partnerships to add value through combined efforts with organisations that are prepared to create, sustain, and evaluate impact in a thoughtful way. We do so at project implementation level, and through global partnerships to mobilise people, expertise, and financial resources.

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