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07 Dec, 2021

Many children in Maban, both in the refugee populations and host communities, still struggle with access to education. Many have no place to call a school.

03 Dec, 2021

An open letter calls on States to step up their commitment and contributions to make gender equality, child rights and inclusion a priority in their refugee actions and in the follow-up mechanisms to the Global Refugee Forum.

29 Nov, 2021

After attending JRS’s Digital Inclusion Programme, Gahizi started earning a stable income and is now inspiring other refugees to learn.

Gahizi, the refugee freelancer inspiring hope
17 Nov, 2021

After overcoming suffering, Pacific is able to see the brightness in life again. He had the opportunity to go back to university and is hoping to become a humanitarian worker.

Pacific JRS Kenya
29 Oct, 2021

Jesuit scholastic Matt Ippel SJ served with JRS in Jordan at the very beginning of the Syrian crisis and in South Sudan from 2019 until 2021.

Jesuit scholastic Matt Ippel SJ served with JRS South Sudan in Maban from 2019 until 2021.
19 Oct, 2021

In Chad, we collaborate with UNHCR as part of the DAFI scholarship programme, which offers refugee students like Alfred, Marcel, and Abraham the possibility to earn an undergraduate degree.

13 Oct, 2021

In this poem, a young refugee shares the joys of her past, the sorrows of her present, and the uncertainty of her future – a testimony of the suffering and resilience of all the women of Afghanistan.

08 Oct, 2021

It is no surprise that being a refugee puts many strains on one’s mental health. Read Khaled’s journey to healing.

informal tented settlement ( ITS) in Telyani area in Lebanon’s Bekaa vallety.
04 Oct, 2021

Thanks to the JRS MHPSS group, Wirngo and other refugees in northern Nigeria are coming together, sharing experiences, and finding ways to help each other start a business.

Cameroonian refugee Wirngo has opened his own shop in northern Nigeria.