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27 Mar, 2020

Newstalk journalist Susan Cahill saw how education is transforming the lives of girls and women in Maban’s refugee camps.

Students at the JRS Education Unit, Maban, South Sudan. (Susan Cahills)
19 Mar, 2020

Women who participated in this JRS project have regained their inner strength and are moving on despite the suffering they had to go through.

Training in agriculture fro displaced women in DRC
15 Mar, 2020

As we mark nine years of war in Syria, JRS is witnessing firsthand the extent of the protracted suffering of the people. We call for the immediate suspension of all hostilities and the protection of civilians.

JRS staff enjoying a break in a ruined Aleppo, Syria.
13 Mar, 2020

In this unprecedented moment of COVID-19, we are reminded of the importance of solidarity, and are called to act in a way that unites us as a community.

08 Mar, 2020

Nahida lost her 21-year-old son in Syria, four years ago. Although she felt that part of her was gone, she didn’t give up. She wakes up every day trying to get over her loss and stay strong, inspiring all the women around her.

04 Mar, 2020

Over 90 organisations call for immediate action from all EU Member States to decongest the Aegean Islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Kos and Leros through fair relocation of asylum seekers.

03 Mar, 2020

Prior to her work as Psychosocial Counsellor in Uganda, Dorothy worked with JRS in South Sudan where she directed home visits in the local refugee camps, overseen the JRS daycare for disabled children, and managed psychological group therapy.

Dorothy works as Psychosocial Counsellor for JRS Kampala, Uganda.
03 Mar, 2020

Claude began working with JRS in Syria in 2010, assisting Iraqi refugees and then fellow Syrians displaced by the outbreak of the war in their countries. In 2014, she experienced exile herself.

Claude runs pottery workshop for women in the rural area outside Damascus to encourage them to believe in their abilities and regain hope.
18 Feb, 2020

A well-known author and editor-at-large of America Media, James Martin SJ worked for JRS as a young Jesuit in Nairobi, Kenya.