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13 Sep, 2021

Ryan Birjoo SJ, a Regent serving with JRS in Beirut as part of the Middle East and North Africa Regional Team, shares his “cannonball moment” and how he sees the life and teachings of St. Ignatius in the work he does for JRS.

Ryan Birjoo SJ, Regent serving with JRS MENA
06 Sep, 2021

Welcoming the stranger is a core value of all faiths. What does it mean for refugees and those who accompany them? We asked some members of the JRS family around the world.

welcoming the stranger
01 Sep, 2021

JRS stands in solidarity with the Afghan people as they face emergency and suffering in their country, and will continue to support Afghan refugees in regions and countries around the world.

26 Aug, 2021

Two months after the Mount Nyiragongo eruption, residents are living in shelters without income-generating opportunities. Students are struggling to go back to school.

19 Aug, 2021

Wail Halou, JRS Accounting Assistant, started the Aleppo Family Volunteers, a foundation that helped many during the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

04 Aug, 2021

One year after the Beirut blast, those who lost their loved ones are still struggling. JRS is accompanying them in their healing journey.

A sign shows a quote from a song by Fairuz, a Lebanese singer, that says "A greeting from my heart to Beirut."
31 Jul, 2021

Eric Velandria SJ, JRS Senior Education Specialist, tells how Ignatius’s life story inspires him to be hopeful and to faithfully accompany those on the margins.

Eric Velandria SJ, JRS Senior Education Specialist, tells how St. Ignatius’s life inspires him to accompany those on the margins.
19 Jul, 2021

When schools closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, refugee students, their parents, and teachers had to find innovative ways to guarantee they could continue pursuing their education despite the limited resources.

Soumaya is a 20-year-old student at the Lycée (high secondary school) in Djabal refugee camp
07 Jul, 2021

They are the children of refugees who have become permanent residents. Yet they continue to struggle for official acknowledgement and a more secure status.

Ali was born in Johannesburg to Congolese refugees. He has always considered himself South African.