15 Jul, 2015

In 2014 hostility towards people in search of asylum and a new home was on the rise and ‘walls’ kept getting higher. JRS countered this hostility by creating spaces where refugees can belong.

JRS 2014 Annual Report
06 Oct, 2014

Interviews conducted with migrants stranded in southern Italy expose the failure of European reception systems to uphold principles of human dignity, hospitality and fairness, according to the findings of a new report by the Jesuit Refugee Service.

15 Jul, 2014

The escalation of the war in Syria, the eruption of violence in the Central African Republic and South Sudan. Learn how we responded to these and other challenges in 2013 by reading our annual report.

JRS 2013 Annual Report
15 Jul, 2013

2012 was tragic for many in the Middle East and in Africa. The war in Syria precipitated a huge humanitarian crisis. Over 130,000 people were newly displaced due to the chronic war in eastern Congo. JRS team reached out these people to offer its services.

JRS 2012 Annual Report
20 Jun, 2013

This manual, the product of a JRS-Boston College workshop held in Cambodia in 2013, describes how reconciliation is central to the work of JRS.

15 Jul, 2012

2011 showed us an unchanged world in which people continued to suffer and to flee in search of protection. We saw new displacement due to hunger and war in Somalia, to the struggle for power in Libya and Ivory Coast, and to natural disasters like the floods in Bangkok.

JRS 2011 Annual Report
15 Jul, 2011

The year 2010 marked 30 years of JRS. It has been a time to look at the present with the perspective of the vision of the beginning. Find out more about JRS work in 2010 by reading our annual report.

JRS 2010 Annual Report
15 Jul, 2010

Nearly half of the world’s refugees live in urban areas. In cities and towns, refugees and other forcibly displaced people are virtually ‘invisible’. Find out more about JRS projects in urban settings, in our 2009 annual report.

JRS Annual Report 2009
15 Jul, 2009

As JRS we see people who are forced to take refuge in another country or who are displaced in their own. As we see refugees without hope, we see many others with great hope. Read the richly diverse stories of those we serve in our 2008 annual report.

JRS Annual Report 2008