Number of people served: 12,349

Kenya is host to more than 460,000 refugees, 84% of whom live in the camps and 16% live in urban areas. A majority of those refugees and asylum seekers originate from Somalia. Other major nationalities are South Sudanese, Congolese, and Ethiopians.

JRS’s work in  Kenya is supported by the United States Department of State Bureau of Population Refugees and Migration.

Our work in Kenya

JRS Kenya is present in Kakuma Refugee Camp (northern Kenya) and Nairobi. We work with both urban refugees and with refugees in the camp. We follow the principles of Accompanying, Serving, and Defending refugee’s rights in all our activities.

Taking into account that Kenya is one of the countries in Africa with the biggest number of refugees (nearly 0.5 Million by January 2020) due to its peaceful nature and stability, our duty in the country is vast and very much required.

With urban refugees, we have a different program including secondary and tertiary education sponsoring, business opportunities as well as grants, loans, or training, and an open-door policy to attend any need of emergency support or counseling.

With refugees at Kakuma Camp, we have a focus on special needs education and treatment, as well as we offer protection services and livelihood opportunities through different kinds of training.

Every year at JRS Kenya we accompany and serve thousands of refugees both direct and indirectly, making our duty a life-changing opportunity for the most vulnerable refugees in the country and their close families.

Hopefully one day our work will be no longer needed. Until then, let’s pray for JRS to keep with its so-necessary duty, in Kenya, and worldwide.

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JRS’s post-secondary education programme in partnership with the Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) gives refugee students like Rozine the possibility to pursue a college degree online.
Chicken Slauthering at the Mikono Farm.
Meetign with Mikono Farm benefitiaries as every Tuesday. In this case, to focus on Covid-19.
One scholarship beneficiary receiving his solar radio kit to keep on with classes from home. (Paula C A) Oct 2020


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