02 May, 2019

Basamat Osman Atom, a student of the JRS South Sudan Teacher Training programme, shares her story of receiving an education on the run, and how she wants to use her skills to improve opportunities for the entire community.

Basamat Osman Atom, from the Blue Nile region of Sudan, is training to be a teacher with the support of JRS in Maban, South Sudan. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
24 Apr, 2019

JRS has implemented a new monitoring and evaluation technique which focuses on the outcomes and impact of our services through stories of change. At a recent workshop in Lebanon, Noor, a Syrian refugee, reflected on the impact JRS’s services had on her life.

Women and their children come together in Lebanon to share stories. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
17 Apr, 2019

Last year the United Nations marked the 20th anniversary of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement by launching a three-year Plan of Action for advancing prevention, protection, and solutions for Internally Displaced People. Today, JRS joins in urging governments to protect and support all in their countries who are dispossessed and dislocated.

Women and children go about their work in temporary homes at the Muhanga IDP camp in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
15 Apr, 2019

A rally was organized in Kamrieng, Cambodia, to mark the 20th anniversary of the Mine Ban Treaty. Phanna, a survivor of a landmine explosion, came to share her story with the audience.

Tun Channareth, a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997, interviews Ou Phanna on stage in front of an audience. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
10 Apr, 2019

Gugu Angela Mngadi offers her testimony on the challenges faced by asylum seekers and refugees when accessing healthcare facilities in South Africa. She speaks of her experiences while volunteering as a paralegal for JRS.

A member of JRS's health team attends to a patient in her home in Johannesburg. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
04 Apr, 2019

The JRS reconciliation and social cohesion team held a workshop between community leaders and staff to promote the sustainable integration of returnees in Burundi.

As part of an exercise during the reconciliation workshop, candles are seen together on the table. They represent the light and peace that reconciliation can bring, especially when we are united in our mission. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
26 Mar, 2019

In Kenya girls come together to reflect on the unique challenges faced in accessing their right to education.

Young girls study in class (Jesuit Refugee Service)
22 Mar, 2019

Cyclone Idai ripped through parts of southern Africa in March, causing massive displacement and even death across the region. JRS works with refugees in the Tongogara camp of Zimbabwe, where hundreds have been affected by the storm.

Floods surround a building at the Tongogara camp in Zimbabwe. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
18 Mar, 2019

Grace is one of 22 young women who is learning to sew at the JRS Bambari training centre, where income-generating activities are offered along with regular psychosocial support. Grace is using this training to turn her life around.

Grace trabaja en un proyecto de costura. (Servicio Jesuita a Refugiados)