Ukraine Photo Essay

03 May 2022|Photo Essay, Publication

People fleeing war in Ukraine arrive in Isaccea, Romania (Sergi Camara / Entreculturas - Alboan - JRS)

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, millions of people have had to flee their homes. Many have resettled in safer parts of Ukraine, others have crossed the borders of Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Poland in search of safety.

While leaving home is always a dramatic decision, crossing the border means safety from bombings and violence. It also means a long and stressfull journey into the unknown.

In addition to responding to immediate needs, JRS provides psychosocial support and pastoral care to accompany those who have been forced to embark on such journey. Thinking about the future, JRS is also already putting in place longer-term programmes to ensure continuity of education, health care, accommodation, and employment and facilitate refugees’ integration into host communities.

Download the photo essay to learn more about the situation in Ukraine and the joint response of the Society of Jesus and the Jesuit Refugee Service.