Our work in Slovenia

JRS Slovenia began in 1999, providing support to displaced people coming into the country. Since 2002, when the JRS office was founded, JRS has been visiting the detention center in Postojna offering psychosocial support to the detainees. This kind of support is very important, as detainees have to live in a few square meters of the place and their freedom is limited.

JRS has been offering psychosocial support also to asylum seekers and Slovenian language classes in the asylum home with the help of volunteers. In this way, asylum seekers have been introduced also into the Slovenian culture.

JRS Slovenia also hosts a monthly radio program called “Building a more open society” organized on a national Catholic radio station (Radio Ognjišče) promoting a more positive attitude towards the refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants.

Regularly, the JRS team helps asylum seekers and refugees in the JRS office. The team informs them of their rights and provides them with both legal and psychosocial support or with any administration need. In this way, the team helps them to better integrate into Slovenian society.

As for the advocacy work, the JRS team has been organizing educational seminars, giving conferences and speeches, and collaborates with the media to raise awareness about refugees, migration, and development issues.