The Season Of Hope: End Of Year Reflections

01 July 2022

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While preparing for the festive season, we asked some of the members of the JRS family to share their reflections on the past year, Christmas, and their hopes and dreams for the future.

Mirra, Congolese refugee living in Rome, Italy.

For Mirra Christmas means sharing meaningful moments and getting closer to the people she loves. Having escaped from conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, she hopes for a future of peace.

Christina Zetlmeisl, JRS Uganda Country Director.

Christina Zetlmeisl reflects on 2021, a year that posed many challenges to refugees and JRS staff members in Uganda. JRS Uganda tried to reduce the suffering by being with refugees and listening to their needs.

Mary Anne, refugee from Myanmar living in New Delhi, India.

Christmas means a lot for Mary Anne. She remembers how she loved to celebrate with friends and family in her hometown. Although the atmosphere is different in India, she still enjoys this time of the year.

Rozine, Rwandan refugee living in Nairobi, Kenya.

Christmas is a time of sharing for Rozine, who likes to spend it with her family. She hopes she can be a role model for other refugees and inspire them in pursuing higher education.