Our work in Italy

Centro Astalli (JRS Italy) is the Italian section of the Jesuit Refugee Service – JRS.

For 40 years it has been engaged in activities and services that have the objective of accompanying, serving, and defending the rights of those arriving in Italy fleeing wars and violence, often including torture. Centro Astalli is also committed to making people aware of who the refugees are, their stories, and the reasons that brought them here.

The support to refugees and the sharing of their experiences are at the center of all the services of Centro Astalli, from those of first reception (for refugees who have recently arrived in Italy) to the activities of awareness and the commitment to advocacy, which aims to change unfair policies at a local, national or international level. Centro Astalli provides a variety of services to asylum seekers and refugees, such as daily hot meals, Italian language lessons, shelter, medical services, and legal support.

Every day about 500 volunteers (lawyers, doctors, students, teachers, and others)are involved in Centro Astalli services, activities, and projects dedicated to helping and accompanying asylum seekers and refugees.

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The headquarters of Centro Astalli in Rome . Centro Astalli/Francesca Napoli
The medical surgery. Centro Astalli/Francesca Napoli
The Italian school of Centro Astalli. Centro Astalli/Francesca Napoli
Centro Astalli's Soup kitchen. Centro Astalli/Francesca Napoli