27 Aug, 2018

In 2017, JRS made an impact on the lives of nearly 640,000 people in 52 countries. Learn more about our work and about how we continued to seek new and better ways to serve the world’s most vulnerable displaced people by reading our 2017 annual report.

Refugee woman teaches class in South Sudan
03 Oct, 2017

JRS 2016 annual report is presented through the words of Pope Francis: Welcome, Protect, Promote, Integrate. Read it to learn more about how we served more than 725,000 people in 50 countries.

Somali refugees learn tailoring skills as part of a JRS livelihood project in Melkadida refugee camp.
10 May, 2017

JRS has been present in the war-torn north and east of Sri Lanka from1995 until June 2017, when we handed the baton back to the Sri Lankan Jesuit Province. Read about our experience in this country.

08 May, 2017

This JRS USA’s report provides an overview of the work we’ve done, challenges refugees continue to face, and policy recommendations that could improve conditions for refugee children.

Girls smile at the JRS primary school compound in Goz Beida, Chad.
15 Jul, 2016

Eritrean artists in exile take you on a journey of displacement.

15 Jul, 2016

Education is not an abstract human right; it is often the only thing a refugee can carry with him to the new life that awaits. Learn more about how education helps refugees rebuilding their lives by reading our 2015 annual report.

JRS 2015 Annual Report - Mercy in Motion
20 Jun, 2016

Eight unique articles share the struggles, hopes and dreams of people seeking a new and safe life in Europe.

15 Jul, 2015

In 2014 hostility towards people in search of asylum and a new home was on the rise and ‘walls’ kept getting higher. JRS countered this hostility by creating spaces where refugees can belong.

JRS 2014 Annual Report
06 Oct, 2014

Interviews conducted with migrants stranded in southern Italy expose the failure of European reception systems to uphold principles of human dignity, hospitality and fairness, according to the findings of a new report by the Jesuit Refugee Service.