“No words can explain the pain of my broken heart.” – A poem by an Afghan refugee

13 October 2021

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Drawing by Nazi Sadiqi/Jesuit Refugee Service

The people in Afghanistan have been facing a new wave of emergency and suffering after Taliban forces took control of the country in August 2021. Many Afghans were forced to make drastic decisions to seek safety and protect their families.

In this poem, a young refugee shares the joys of her past, the sorrows of her present, and the uncertainty of her future – a testimony of the suffering and resilience of all the women of Afghanistan.


I wish to go back to the past,

To the nights when I could sleep peacefully.

To the days when I could go out without any fear and enjoy my life.

To the days when I woke up and went to the closet of my dress, which dress should I wear at work today?

To the days that last day of the month, I went to the bank, took my hard-earned money, went to the market, and bought whatever I wanted.

To the days when I was proud of being a woman, I walked all over my city without any restrictions because of being a woman.

To the days when I was leaving the house, I would see my three color flag all over the city and I would feel good to see it.

To the days when I lived with passion, I hoped for the future.

I wish the bright day would come tomorrow after dark night as before, but this dark night has not ended for a month. My God, I do not say blasphemy, but You owe us a world of happiness.

Maybe everyone is thinking of moving towards the future, but I wish I could go back to the past.

In this time I want to thank some of the people for showing humanity, but I also have lots of complaints for…

No words can explain the pain of my broken heart.


As the situation in Afghanistan continues to evolve, JRS remains committed to accompanying the most vulnerable. Our hearts and prayers lay with the people of Afghanistan as they face such an uncertain future.