Kifah a young refugee in Addis Ababa, promotes peace through art

02 January 2024

Kifah, a Sudanese refugee living in Ethiopia, who promotes peace through art performances. Kifah, a Sudanese refugee living in Ethiopia, promotes peace through artistic performances. She is a Peace Artisan.
Kifah, a Sudanese refugee living in Ethiopia, who promotes peace through art performances (Jesuit Refugee Service).

“I think when you work together or, when we do drama, we try to choose people from all nationalities, to know more about the other, the other person. I think that’s good for peace,” Kifah, 21, is a Sudanese refugee living in Ethiopia. In the capital, Addis Ababa, she gets together with a group of young people who address important issues, including gender-based violence (GBV), mental health, and peaceful conflict resolution, through artistic performances.

Promoting and building peace is not just a theme that Kifah and the other young people in the group tackle with theatre performances, fashion shows, or concerts, but it is a process that they try to develop by coming together in a common space with a common purpose. By creating study groups, or by promoting the values of belonging and unity, regardless of countries of origin or religions.

“Listening to people and hearing their problems…even if you can’t solve them, makes people feel at peace,” says Kifah. “Sometimes it happens that conflicts arise between us, within the group. However, spending time together, working closely together, and sharing a common space and common goals, leads us to solve tensions and remain or become good friends. This is just one example of how the work we do develops peaceful relationships aimed at reconciliation.”

Kifah wishes for a world free of violence, where people can understand each other and live together in peace.

If there is no humanity, there is no peace, and no one can understand the other person. In a world without peace, people cannot live well
Kifah, Sudanese refugee living in Ethiopia

Kifah is a Peace Artisan.  Her hard work and gentle hand unite people and bring peace.