Prayer for Myanmar

28 January 2022|Prayer


One year after the start of the crisis in Myanmar, hundreds of thousands of people are still being forced to leave their homes. 14.4 million people, 5 of which are children, are in need of life-saving assistance. We join Pope Francis in praying for those who are displaced and for peace to come to Myanmar and its people.

God of Peace,

During this dramatic and painful moment for the people of Myanmar,

When violence, conflict, and repression destabilize their livelihoods and wellbeing,

We pray for the strength and courage to keep the faith, to keep unity, and to keep the truth.

We pray to keep the faith, so we avoid giving in to despair.

May we keep our gaze lifted up to heaven.

We pray to keep unity, as a family, to avoid the disease of division.

May we remain committed to living in friendship, love, and fraternity.

We pray to keep the truth, remaining bound to Christ and being devoted to the Gospel.

May we become prophets and peacemakers, preserving the integrity of Christ’s message.

Convert all hearts to peace,

And may our hearts be brave in the face of evil, not losing hope in the promise of new life.



Text pulled from Pope Francis’ remarks at the Mass for the members of the faithful of Myanmar, 16 May 2021.