Pastoral Orientations for climate displaced people

22 April 2021|Policy & Advocacy


The climate crisis has a very human face. It is already a reality for multitudes of vulnerable people worldwide. As Pope Francis declares, “we are in the midst of an emergency”. The continuing climate crisis threatens people’s fundamental rights, and displacement caused by climate change is increasing. According to IDMC, Global Report on Internal Displacement 2020, it displaced 24.9 million people in 2019, and floods, landslides, fires, droughts, and hurricanes will cause further displacement in the future. By 2050, an estimated 250 million people will be affected by forced displacement, and the most vulnerable groups in society will continue to suffer the most.

The Catholic Church shows a warm pastoral care for those who have been displaced from their homes by its effects. The Pastoral Orientations on Climate Displaced People explains the new challenges posed by the disturbing perilous phenomena of climate disruption in many parts of the globe and suggests appropriate responses as well as good practices.

Together with other organisations and local churches worldwide, JRS has been involved in the process of consultations, and has helped in putting together this document through its close collaboration with the Migrants and Refugees Section at the Vatican.