Annual Report 2023

18 July 2024

Throughout the past year we have witnessed increased geopolitical challenges, war and economic instability. Our forcibly displaced brothers and sisters are among those who bear the highest burden.

Earthquakes in Syria and Afghanistan, increased violence in Congo, Myanmar, and Ukraine, the outbreak of conflict in Sudan and the rising aggression in the Middle East have all contributed to the ongoing humanitarian emergencies that threaten the lives and well-being of countless individuals. Increasingly stringent migration policies in Latin America, Europe, East Asia, and the United States force us to evaluate the future of our world.

Amidst these challenges and thanks to your support, JRS was able to remain alongside those who teach us how to respond love. Last year, we reached the lives of over 1.2 million refugees and forcibly displaced people in 57 countries, providing mental health and psychosocial support, education and livelihoods, and reconciliation, enabling communities to rebuild their lives and envision a brighter future. From volunteers to staff members, from interns to those we serve and accompany, our global community is determined to build a more inclusive and compassionate world.