Annual Report 2015

12 July 2020|Reports

Not everyone considers education a necessity for refugees. In an era of growing numbers of refugees and shrinking financial support, education is not always a priority. But in a world where the average refugee spends 17 years in a camp, doesn’t a young girl deserve the opportunity to develop her mind? In a world of constant change, doesn’t a young man need skills on which to build a future When peace comes, and a new home is built, doesn’t the head of a family need the skills to connect with her new neighbours and support her children?  

Education is not an abstract human right; it is often the only thing a refugee can carry with him to the new life that awaits. 

In 2015, the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) launched Mercy in Motion, a one-year long campaign that served as a kick-off for the Global Education Initiative (GEI), born with the goal of increasing the scale of JRS education programmes around the world.

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