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JRS staff are international and local professionals, Jesuits, and members of other religious congregations. We come from 82 countries worldwide, and many of us have worked in other leading humanitarian, emergency, and development organisations.

JRS seeks staff who share our vision of accompanying refugees and are prepared to work in complex situations.

We need programme leaders to make change happen. We need specialists in education, livelihoods, psychosocial support, reconciliation, and impact assessment. We need talented people to work in areas such as advocacy and communications, philanthropy and development, finance, human resources, logistics, and information technology.

Our work cannot succeed without the contribution of exceptional people.



JRS International Office – Head of Grants Unit

JRS International Office . Foundation Officer

JRS International Office – Head of IO Finance Unit

JRS Country Project Manager Mozambique

JRS Country Director South Sudan

JRS Deputy Regional Director – Eastern Africa Region (EAR)

JRS Country Programmes & Grant Officer

TALENT POOLS 2022 ( to be published soon )

Talent Pools allow JRS to have a database of potential candidates for core positions we regularly recruit for and/or for which a sudden need may arise.

JRS opens new Talent Pools every year. Please check this page for the upcoming publishing of  the Talent Pools 2022.

When and if a relevant job opportunity becomes available, pre-screened candidates will be contacted for a test and/or an interview. Assignments may be offered in any of the over 50 locations where JRS operates.




JRS welcomes young and motivated professionals who are looking to work in an international environment with a desire to support the cause of refugees. Internships in JRS are a mutual learning experience, and last for a maximum of 6 months.

What can you do? Consider your talents, inclinations, and interests, and apply for a related internship position.

What will we do? We’ll do our best to assign you interesting projects.

No open positions? Send us your CV, specifying the area you’re interested in.


Last year we had more than 1,100 volunteers working in more than 25 countries. Volunteer contributions help JRS provide the best possible support to the people we serve.

See contacts below to reach out to us.