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18 Feb, 2019

Indra Acharya, a former JRS student, reflects on his path from a refugee camp in Nepal to one of the United State’s most prestigious universities.

Children study at the Shanyarima Camp in Nepal (Jesuit Refugee Service).
11 Feb, 2019

In a time when the gates of Europe seem closed to people in need of protection, JRS Italy is opening a new reception and integration centre for asylum seekers and refugees.

Mohammed, a refugee from Egypt, gives a present to the President of the Italian Republic for the inauguration of the new Matteo Ricci centre.
07 Feb, 2019

In The Pope Video for February 2019, the Holy Father asked that we pray for a generous welcome of the victims of human trafficking, of enforced prostitution, and of violence.

The Pope Video
04 Feb, 2019

Over the last few weeks, a series of major storms, Norma and Miriam – causing high winds, heavy snow and rainfall, flooding, and below average temperatures – have had devastating impacts for the refugees JRS serves in Lebanon.

A refugee settlement devastated by severe weather in Lebanon (Jesuit Refugee Service)
28 Jan, 2019

A Syrian volunteer for JRS Europe describes how a small act of hospitality can mean everything to a refugee.

Participant's of the annual hike walk down a path together (Frans' Hike)
24 Jan, 2019

Nour, a student at the JRS Telyani school, describes her experience while touching on other subjects that affect her the most.

Volunteer tutoring refugee children in mathematics and English at the FVDL Centre, Lebanon. (Jesuit Refugee Service)
21 Jan, 2019

Staff, students, the Afghanistan education department, parents, and community members came together to celebrate JRS building up Sohadat School over the past 10 years.

Children graduate at the Sohadat school in Afghanistan (Jesuit Refugee Service)
14 Jan, 2019

Fr David Holdcroft SJ, the Professional and Post-Secondary Education Specialist at JRS, is leading the Pathfinder initiative, a programme enable refugees to reach their educational and professional potential.

A young woman studies in Chad (Sergi Camara)
10 Jan, 2019

Every Tuesday the JRS Frans van der Lugt Centre in Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon hosts a cooking session with Chef Dalal, a Syrian refugee from Aleppo famous for her delicious cooking.

Women prepare food at the FVDL centre cooking session