JRS Indonesia team member assists a woman crossing the bamboo bridge.

Partner with us

Together we serve more people. Together we work in better ways. Together we make a greater difference.

JRS relies on a broad range of partners — communities, local and international NGOs, corporations, foundations, institutional donors and public funders — to shape and support our programmes. In addition to country operations, JRS undertakes activities of global nature, referred to as Global Programmes. They are designed to support field operations and ensure the effectiveness of our interventions.

How your partnership can support our work

Child Safeguarding

Forcibly displaced children are especially vulnerable to violence, abuse and exploitation. Therefore, JRS is strengthening the capacities of anyone who works with or cares about children, for them to recognise and respond to child abuse.

Staff Care

To serve the most vulnerable, JRS recognises that our workers are often placed in stressful, insecure and even dangerous environments. Help us mitigate negative consequences for our staff in the field through our Global Staff Care Programme.

Capacity Building

Help us maintain and increase our capacity, sustainability and accountability to deliver our priorities in the fields of reconciliation, education, livelihoods and advocacy to nearly 640,000 forcibly displaced.